Miss Sally Jade Roller Natural Jade Stone Guasha Board Scraper Set for Facial and Body Massage Relaxation Slimming Beauty Tool

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  • Brand Name: Miss Sally
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Number of Pieces: Combo
  • Power Source: None
  • Product Name: jade roller set
  • Feature 1: Gua sha scraper
  • Feature 2: facial massage stone
  • Feature 3: face roller
  • Feature 4: roller massage
  • Feature 5: facial jade stone
  • Feature 6: face massager
  • Feature 7: guache scraper
  • Feature 8: gouache
  • Feature 9: jade roller
  • Feature 10: beauty health

Why Jade Roller?

The jade roller is a kind of skin care tool which is spread for thousands of years in China. It is said that beautiful queen maintains her young face by using the mysterious facial jade stone.

The trace elements in jade help the skin to maintain vitality, so as to achieve the effect of wrinkle-removing, anti-aging, face-lifting, beauty-lifting and firming. When the skin rubs, it promotes the lymphatic circulation of the skin, thereby helping the skin to achieve a face-lifting effect.

Most Important Tips!

1. When using the jade roller, it is actually the same as we use other beauty equipment. Before using it, you must apply a product such as massage cream or massage oil to the skin to reduce the strain on the skin.

2. Next, start from the clavicle, move from bottom to top, gradually move to the chin and neck, move upward in the order of the bridge of the nose, lip area, cheeks, and forehead, and finally focus on the eye area.

3. When massaging, the rolling direction should also be maintained in the upward and outward directions, and the face should be pulled to avoid fine lines caused by pulling down.

4. Jade scraping board can achieve thin face by shaving.

Hand Grinding

– smoother

– fits facial profile better

Our facial jade stone is NOT made by machine, it’s by hand!

After thousands of times’ hand grinding, we got this extremely smooth jade roller and gouache scraper.

Gua Sha

Is guided by the theory of meridians and acupuncture points of traditional Chinese medicine. He uses a special scraping device and appropriate techniques to dip a specific medium and repeatedly scrape and rub the surface of the body to make the skin appear miliary red or crimson bleeding spots.

“Out of Sha” achieves the effect of invigorating blood and Sha dialysis.

Are you bothered by these problems below?

Sagging, dull complexion, facial edema, dry lines and fine lines, acnes

If you do, you can try our jade roller and guache scraper set.

Unique 100% Natural Jade

– suitable for all skin types

Miss Sally’s face roller and facial massage stone are made of 100% natural jade,

which make people feel cool when the jade roller set touches the face.

And for its natural material, our jade roller is suitable for all skin types.

Soundless Silicone Tube

– eliminates noises

– rolls smoothly

Upgraded Zinc Alloy

– firm and durable

For avoiding noises, we especially use the silicone tube which is soundless,

so when you use our face massager, you will not get any noises heard.

And for making the massage roller more firm and durable, we choose the upgraded zinc alloy,

so don’t worry about the quality!


-Reduce forehead lines

-Remove under-eye dark circles/puffiness

-Lift the face

-Boost circulation

When the jade roller fits the skin, there is a kind of inherent comfort.

The big end can be used for large-area skin care massage,

and the small end can be used for small-area skin care,

so that the skin can be released in all directions.

Better to Use It with Skin Care Products

-effect is double!

Morning skin care usage:

focus on cheekbones and jaw area to reduce swelling and improve blood circulation.

Evening skin care usage:

accelerate the absorption of moisturizing skin care products, at the same time you will get the effect of massage and lifting.

Tips: Before skin care, clean the cuticles first.

You can also soak in warm water to enhance blood circulation through the heat conduction effect of jade. Use it with skin care products to better absorb skin care products.

Used in Different Parts of Body

-whole body care

The matching guasha scraper can not only be used for facial massage, but also can be used for arm scraping, which has the effect of detoxification and dampness removal.

Guache Scraper with A Certain Thickness

– won’t break easily


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